Quickie: How to get Chris Matthews to say "F*** you!"


Today's Quickie comes courtesy of  Forbes' Jeff Bercovici:

How to get Tweety to drop the F bomb:

The “Hardball” host does all his own writing, and he resents the idea that anyone would ever think otherwise. Strongly. [...]

“F*** you!... Where’d you get that? Is that what you think? You think I don’t write my books? ... I would never let anybody write something for me,” he says. “Why do you think I’m like that? It’s amazing to me that you think I’m some lightweight, glib bullshit artist that has somebody do his work for him. The writing is the hard part, the composition.”

What made my question so hurtful, he says, is the enormous amount of labor he’d put in.

I don't blame him.

But the quote was entertaining, so... to quote Chris Matthews, "Ha!"

That was today's Quickie. Was it good for you?