Virginia GOP Halloween e-mail shows President Obama with bullet hole through his head


(Loudon County GOP)

I don't recall a Democratic email depicting George Bush with a bullet hole in his head. There was an array of chimps (which, contrary to our RWNJ trolls, were not racist since Bush is, you know, white), and some Alfred E. Newmans, even tasteless Hitler mustaches, but I don't remember violent references or images making the rounds.

But when it comes to President Obama, there has been report after report, Facebook page after Facebook page, email after email that display appallingly offensive graphics, and even a poll about killing the president.

Here's the latest, via WaPo:

The Republican Party of Virginia is strongly condemning an e-mail sent by Loudoun County’s GOP committee that shows President Obama as a zombie with part of his skull missing and a bullet through his head. [...]

The e-mail invites supporters to a Halloween parade. “LCRC members and Republican candidates: We are going to vanquish the zombies with clear thinking conservative principles and a truckload of Republican candy...It’s fun and a great way to represent our candidates to a ton of voters (and their kids) just before the election.”

Boy howdy folks, bullets into the skulls of presidents are now fun for the whole family!

Please refer to this post the next time some conservative denies that their party uses violent imagery.

The party is issuing condemnations, and an apology is being demanded, but it happened, and sadly isn't all that unusual. The email was disgusting, and the responsible (rather, irresponsible) party should not only apologize (not one of those "if anyone was offended" non-apologies), they should be fired.

Family values my ass.

H/t: @Barkway

  • Was that supposed to be funny or rude? Hard to tell.

  • Are you sure that's a bullet hole? Looks like a big zit to me..

  • Disgusted voter

    I guess since Rep. Gifford's tragic shooting in AZ the GOP now consider cross-hairs too openly graphic.  Therefore, they are now hiding their "lock & reload" form of politics under the guise of "Halloween fun".  These are the moral majority with family values, the only true Christians on the planet?  I've always considered myself an independent voter.  But if the GOP keeps up these deplorable antics, I may just vote my first straight party ticket in my entire life this November 2012.  I guess that makes me a Democrat by default & the de-fault is the stupidity of the GOP.

  • dandy

    Nothing unusual considering that we now live in a "post-racial" society. Oh, 'scuse me, you mean the bullet hole image is just a political parody?  Well damn if I ever saw such a parody of any other sitting prez in my 65 years................

  • KansasDem

    Something I must add ............... I just noticed that the AP has a report up that Obama passed his physical with flying colors.

    Reading a good many of the comments makes me want to vomit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Republicans/American Conservatives are ridiculous, disgusting children in need of supervision!

  • You silly libs! That's a surveyor symbol. Sheesh. /sarcasm

  • ThanksABunchJohn

    This is going too far... no wonder starting tomorrow in Wisconsin it will be legal to hide a gun in your pocket.  They are giving out marching orders.

  • KansasDem

    This kind of shit should not surprise anyone!

    I've had no respect whatsoever for Republicans, whether just voters or politicians, for quite some time. The GOP thrives on hatred!

    They love to hate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WordSmith

    Well, I must say - the Loudon Insider's site is calling them out and they're GOP. 

  • Maritza

    President Obama keeps on working for our country while being screwed left and right:

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    They should be jailed at least for five years.