Rick Perry the "train wreck"


Today's Quickie:

After watching this Bizarro World video, and, well, after observing the utter idiocy of the Perry campaign, the following quote is glaringly obvious:

"Rick Perry is going to go down in history for the all-time train wreck beginning. Because private polling in Iowa 40 days ago had him leading."

-- GOP strategist Mike Murphy, on Meet the Press, commenting on the latest Iowa Poll that has Perry in 6th place

Texas size fail.

That was today's Quickie. Was it good for you?

  • HarborGuy

    Man this Clown is a Doofus!

    But...I say, just let him be out there, spewing his crazy and looking GOOFY, for all of America to see.

    Be PROUD GOPBaggers and Haters...be VERY proud!!!