VIDEO: Highlights from Rick Perry's very bizzare, grinny, giggly speech


I took a few screengrabs:

He may have been drunk, he may have simply gotten some very bizarre direction from his apparently inept team, but what ever it was, he needed to sober up, both physically and intellectually.


By the way, he can join Willard Romney and Hermie Cain in the Flip Flop Club:

Politico: Three days after suggesting Rick Perry might skip some of the upcoming GOP presidential debates, his campaign confirmed he’ll attend at least five more, a sign that the campaign may have recognized Perry had as much to lose as gain from a debate-dodging strategy.

Oh, and Rick? It's nucLEar.

  • The video is pretty cool. I enjoyed a lot watching .

  • The video is pretty cool. I enjoyed a lot watching .

  • Callawaygal

    I think calling him "drunk" is too kind.  I think this guy is on meth----bet he stayed up all night cleaning the toilet with a toothbrush.

  • Great!  Well, I admire the precious time and effort you put into it, especially into interesting articles you share here! It was very interesting.. 

  • Anonymous

    To me, he doesn't appear drunk...just incredibly goofy. Sure thing little Ricky, slogans are the way to go...certainly something that the people look for in someone running their country.
    Sick thing just know that there are thousands of voters, especially in Texas, who lap this crap up & would gladly give up friendships &/or relatives in support of this buffoon.

  • dandy

    Have the Thugs got anyone running who doesn't come off a a fool? If we thought Bush was the laughing stock around the world, please, let's not allow any of the idiots to come near the Oval Office.

  • Another thought...

    That village...called Texas....they could use some help keeping their idiots in check.  It's really beginning to be a problem.

  • I don't know whether to laugh...or ...gloat. 

    Oh okay.  


  • anon

    I think he was drunk!

  • Watch out comics, Perry is coming after your jobs, as well as the rest of ours. 

  • Anonymous

    Halve them or double them.