CA GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher's Wife Took 50% of Congressional Campaign Contributions


Those wacky Republicans, they just can't seem to stay out of trouble. Via the OC Weekly:

Costa Mesa Congressman Dana Rohrabacher gave his wife more than 50 percent of the campaign contributions he raised mostly from corporate sources during July, August and September, according to recently filed records at the Federal Election Commission (FEC) in Washington.

Guess how much Rhonda Rohrabacher has managed to get from the hubby in since '06? More than a quarter of a million dollars.

And guess where the money came from? Hint: It's in the opening paragraph. That's right, corporations!  "Corporate entities--especially defense and space-exploration companies--that financially benefit from Rohrabacher's D.C. maneuverings."


And while we all occupied poverty, guess what Rhonda got? 40 percent in raises.

P.S. Rep. Anti-Government (Schmuck-CA) is running for his 25th and 26th years in, yes, government.

H/t: Litzz11