A Note On How You Can Help Your Neighbor


For a couple years now I've been a member of my local Freecyle. I've gotten rid of a stove and a/c for junk (someone made a couple bucks and I got them off my porch) and I've been able to help out some families that had been burned out of their homes with towels and sheets. It feels good, and it's easy.

I keep an eye out, and yesterday there was a post that went like this-

Could use any of the following items:

kitchen garbage bags
laundry detergent
body soap
dish soap

Going through difficult financial transition. Have a few needs to stretch a couple more weeks. Thanks in advance.

Well, I knew I had a thing of detergent that I rejected since I didn't like the smell (Elitist much, Paddy?) and a couple of bars of soap that I could spare. You guys know that I'm not rolling in the bucks, but man, when you see someone so needy like this lovely mom, you really just can't say no. So I emailed her and offered what I had, and you would have thought I had just told her she won the lottery. Her husband had been out of work for a long time and just got a job, but it was on a two week pay period. So I dug around a bit more and found all the small shampoos and lotions from when I was in the hospital (which I would never use) and tossed them in the bag. One happy lady, not having to worry about small things for a couple more weeks.

Guess what I'm trying to say is that there are umpteen opportunities for us to reach out to each other, especially in this rough time. You guys help us out on our fundraisers (for which you know we adore you) because you are able. I can't donate money to anyone, but I sure as shit can help out with dippy things that I will never use. Consider your local Freecycle, and help someone out.

  • Anonymous

    You can recycle your used paperbacks and send them to the troops overseas (small cost to you for shipping) at operationpaperback.org 
    Media mail price for a box of 20 paper backs is about $6.00

  • Annmarie13149

    Thank you for this post it helps to find ways to give to people in this tough time I don't have much but I hope i can help in my small way--- thank you

  • Anonymous

    My child travels a lot because of her job so she brings to me all those little hotel shampoos, conditioners and lotions and we give them all way to the poor.
    When the homeless are out asking for money, we give to them a bottle of water and a couple of $$ and their faces seem to go from a grim to a smile! We do not have much but do share whatever we can too.

  • Freecycle works! and if there isn't one in your town, you can organize one!

    There's also a wealth of sustainability initiatives, block watches, etc. The unifying principle: reaching out to your neighbors and doing something as a community makes a difference ... and is more satisfying than watching the next episode of a "reality" show.