91-year-old can't get voter ID because she was too frail to stand in line long enough


I have no words. Well, yes I do, and they all begin with F.

A 91-year-old Tennessee woman couldn't get her Voter I.D. because she literally could not stand in line long enough. That's right, she's being penalized because she's frail, too frail to do the bidding of the GOP.

Via The Tennessean:

Lasater told The Daily News Journal that she has voted and worked in campaigns for 70 years.

The clerk said there was nothing anyone could do. Well, yes, there is. Voters, get out there and vote these partisan, one-party rule sadists out of office.

As I've said time and time again:

Voter ID laws are intended to keep Democrats away from the polls. That’s because they are aimed at the poor, students, the elderly, minorities, and rural voters, who tend to vote Democratic. Let’s not forget those who can’t afford to pay a fee, get a ride, own a car, or otherwise have access to a Department of Motor Vehicles. They’re targets, too.

And of course, one of the results of these laws are things appalling injustices like this: 96-year-old Tennessee woman gets no Voter ID. Why? No marriage license.

Tennessee might want to look up the words "voter suppression".

H/t: @Litzz11 who adds:

Litzz11 also said that she had a driver's license but it didn't have a photo on it, which a new TN state law requires for people to vote.

  • Wow--you really think cutting someone's tires is going to solve this?

  • RDW

    120,000 people now need voter ID in that State, put those people at the ID location where there is standing room only.  With all the seats taken, is everyone not allowed a 'seat'?  They are all Americans.

    I also know the hatred for POTUS by 20% of voters, that hatred, will NEVER change, sadly you are in that group.

  • RDW

    Hello, I have an idea that needs to be done in your state on this subject:
    91-year-old can’t get voter ID because she was too frail to stand in line long enough.

    Do you have any idea what would happen if a photo was taken at the ID location showing people 70 & older in "wheelchairs", to aid them from standing  since there may not be seating for 30-60 minutes?

    What would 40 person in wheelchairs waiting look like? 

  • I know your type, Jo. You're full of fear and feelings of inadequacy. You don't trust people who are not like you. You figure if they're different, they must be bad, right? You probably listen to one or more of the merchants of hate the right today specializes in -Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Michelle Malkin or any of a host of others who whip up those feelings of fear and encourage you to really fulsomely hate people - minorities (who get all those special breaks), the (undeserving, of course) poor, any politician or media figure who doesn't agree with you.  Hating people makes you feel good. it quells the fear and makes you feel vastly, immeasurably  superior to the people you hate. Hating people makes you feel that you must be right. And whatever you want to be true, to justify your righteous hate, it must be true.

    Are you a Christian? Have you read in the Gospels where Jesus not only tells us to love our neighbor (Matthew 22:39, Luke 10:27) but Jesus also tells us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us (Matthew 5:44)?

    When Jesus taught us not to hate people - even our enemies - did it ever occur to you Jesus was not just protecting the people we might hate, He was protecting US from the effects of our own hate?

    When you hate people it, particularly in politics, it radically changes the way your brain functions. While it makes you feel really superior and sure of yourself you've actually lost your intelligence and rationality. It operates literally like a drug. It engages the same neural pathways.  And it shuts down your intelligence. Your brain is on an hysterical feedback loop looking for its next hate-high. And the way you get that hate-high is to believe whatever reinforces the hate and reject what doesn't. So you plunge deeper and deeper into savagery and irrationality.

    And then that old awful fear comes back - ten times worse than before. The wages of hate are savagery, irrationality and terror.

    Before Gandhi and Martin Luther Kin Jr. taught people to hate the evil deed and not the evil doer, the United States Military lived by that creed in winning World War II> this was how my father and his peers, the young American military officers fought the Axis without becoming like them. This was why we secured a lasting peace and even the gratitude and emulation of our former enemies.

    And those merchants of hate? They don't care about you. They don't care about democracy or any of those fine ideals the Founders and the Greatest Generation championed. They're not patriots. They're just greedy, selfish people selling you worthless trash.

    Hate, of the kind the Limbaughs and Hannitys sell, is freedom's deadliest enemy and the dictator's best friend.

  • Jaym Esch

    I've had my limit on this type of inhuman, anti-intellectual hate-filled source of right wing propaganda.

    This is the type of person I'm about to cut.

    Their tires, I forgot to add.

    Such a person is not American by any measure, and is an enemy to our way of life.

    (See? No name calling, just facts.)

  • A.) There is no such thing as the "Democrat Party." It is the Democratic Party. 

    B.) Whomever is denied a vote because of these draconian laws is hurt, whether they be left, right, liberal, conservative, or raging [EDIT] such as yourself. 

    C.) Cite some cases of voter fraud to prove your assertions if you can. Otherwise your unhinged rant just serves to make you look like a fool. 

    D.) Some info contrary to your tin-foil bullshit can be found here -> http://www.truthaboutfraud.org/ 

    E.) "WHY didn't some 'caring and
    concerned' Democrat at the same place, perhaps in the SAME line, HELP HER?" Because they were conservatives. 

  • From Policy Brief on the Truth About Voter Fraud.  Brennan Center For Justice, New York School of LAW

    Summary* Fraud by individual voters is both irrational and extremely rare. 
    * Many vivid anecdotes of purported voter fraud have been proven false or do not demonstrate fraud. 
    * Voter fraud is often conflated with other forms of election misconduct. 
    * Raising the unsubstantiated specter of mass voter fraud suits a particular policy agenda. 
    * Claims of voter fraud should be carefully tested before they become the basis for action.Since voter fraud is practically nonexistent then number 4 seems to be why these new regulations exist. And since the new regs aren't being proposed by the Democrats we know which agenda is being pushed here, now don't we? 

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  • Anonymous

    Good god, you're such an idiot, the mind boggles. Since you decided to open your stupid yawp and spew forth all these dubious statements, you can back them up, right? Good. Please cite any evidence AT ALL from ANY reputable site that there is "CHEATING in the DEMOCRAT party" (screaming from the original). Please. Go ahead. Knock yourself out. Cite every instance of such cheating. And remember, "My grandma's best friend's cousin's neighbour's dog walker" does not constitute a reputable cite (note the difference between "cite" and "site". Feel free to look them up). Since I don't expect to hear from you ever again, because you're a screaming liar who thinks pulling things out of your derriere = facts, let me add that you might consider a CAT scan. You know, just to make sure there IS a brain underneath that hair helmet.

    What a disgusting waste of oxygen!

  • leftnotright

    I have not heard of one state who had "dead" people voting.  I have heard of hanging chads in Florida where the Supreme Court had to hand Bush a victory to win.

  • Please send links to the numbers of cases tried for people voting multiple times or under a wrong name. Oh you can't? That's right because you have 0 facts for your argument. It is so un-American to not allow millions of eligible voters to vote and you be fine with that just because you don't like their politics. What kind of an American are you? You sound more like a fascist more then anything else.

  • LJSearles

    Got proof of any of that bullshit Sparky?

  • Jo

    "That’s because they are aimed at the poor, students,
    the elderly, minorities, and rural voters, who tend to vote Democratic."

    Of COURSE and we all know there just AREN'T any poor, student, elderly,
    voters who need voter cards, right? It's ALL A PLOT against the poor, hapless
    Democrat voters. Give me a break! If this lady wasn't allowed to get her card
    because she was too old and frail to stand in line WHY didn't some 'caring and
    concerned' Democrat at the same place, perhaps in the SAME line, HELP HER?
    Weren't there any CHAIRS there where someone could have had her sit while she
    waited? THEY.... (ALL the 'oh so CARING' Democrats THERE) could have stood in
    line FOR HER, couldn't they?? And if not then are there NO decent, caring
    DEMOCRATS where she lives who could have taken her there in a wheel chair and
    waited WITH HER? Where's all the DEMOCRAT compassion for seniors and the less
    fortunate? Don't they seek out the elderly and less fortunate simply TO HELP
    THEM?? And if not.... then WHY NOT?

    We NEED voter ID cards because of all the CHEATING in the DEMOCRAT party that put
    the present POTUS in office. You know, all the DUPLICATE Democrat votes, and
    all the DEAD DEMOCRATS that voted, etc. Of course the oh so honest Democrats
    will find a way SOMEHOW to get photo ID card for MORE dead people, do doubt.
    Democrats just seem to be GOOD a cheating and then putting the blame on someone
    else. It MUST be that 'victim' attitude of theirs.

  • Anonymous

    Words fail me.  What in hell is happening to the politicians in America?  These are not politicians who represent the average American constituent in his/her district - not any more.  These current crop of politicians are in office for all they can get out of it FOR THEMSELVES.  Speeches, books, their souls are for sale and not even to the highest bidder. I hope the parents of these politicians are long dead - they would be so ashamed of what these people have turned into.  Lying, deceitful, money-grabbing, many of them, lawbreakers (Vitter and Walsh are prime examples - and their party says nothing, hell they give them fund raisers.  The only goal of the GOP/Teabaggers is to be in control, rule the country THEIR way.  And THEIR GOD is no where to be seen.

  • HarborGuy


  • Kayeh

    People can volunteer to be line standers for the elderly.