Democrats "aren't giving up on their push to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act"


Proud to be a Dem time*:

Roll Call: They may not have the votes for passage, but Senate Democrats say they aren't giving up on their push to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.

Dianne Feinstein, whose bill to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act has 30 co-sponsors, says they won't give up, even if a repeal takes years to accomplish. Hey, look how long it took to dump Don't Ask Don't Tell.

But, as usual, The Boehner is a spoil sport:

In February, President Barack Obama said DOMA was unconstitutional and instructed the Justice Department not to defend it in court. Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), following a party-line vote by the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group, took steps to defend the law in court cases


*The blog title quote comes from the Roll Call piece.

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  • Dianasc2440

    The Republicans will win this fight because there is proof that Church and State are legally married.  There is no mention of the wedding to somebody else in the UK Vogue Magazine for June 9 2001!   That should be proof enough that DOMA is constitutional!  No matter what the no of Prop 8 side says!

  • Dianasc2440

    Church and State must be married because there is no record of him being married else with picures in the newspapers considering who his parents are!  That shoulod be the proof right there that Church and State are legally married.

  • Dianasc2440

    Another reason that DOMA will be declared constitutional is because you cannot marry an AKA or also known as!

  • Dianasc2440

    The Yes on Prop 8 side won the vote.  Marriage is between a man and a woman.  DOMA is constituional.  You cannot separate Church and State because they are legally married.  If you do a search of somebody else there are no results of this person.  Therefore Church and State must be married whether they like it or not!

  • Clancy

    On a related note, Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA) called for a hearing on Boehner's financing of the legal defense of DOMA that the House GOP chose to pursue after President Obama indicated he would no longer defend the law in court. It likely won't go anywhere, but there's no harm in publicizing that the Republicans are wasting hard-earned taxpayer dollars defending such a horrible law.