VIDEO snarkage: Send In The GOP Clowns


Our pal Hockey Mama For Obama her very own self emailed us an invitation to share this video with you. Excellent.

Parody lyrics by Sandy Riccardi aka HOCKEY MAMA FOR OBAMA
Sandy and Richard RIccardi

Isn't it sad?
Palin is out? She was the comedy gold our songs were about Now where are the clowns? We need some new clowns.

Here's a nice guy
Rick Perry's great!
He has a tribute to negroes, right on his gate
But where are the clowns? We still need some clowns!

Just when I thought it's Rick I'd endorse
Enter Michele Bachmann (and her sweet husband of course)
Vowing to purge the whole nation of sin and of smut
Who are they now? A fruit AND a nut

Santorum's weird,
Mitt Romney's cute,
Ron Paul is not from this planet, ..."Newt"
But where are the clowns? Send in the damn clowns!

Pizzaman Cain wants you to buy
But Don't Ask Don't Tell him just what you would like on your pie
He won't allow you to choose what you like on the top
Progress Delivered to your doorstop
(spoken: but not exactly. You could have been a brain surgeon if you had just tried a little harder. And it's your own fault if you're not rich. And held the anchovies.)

Now you may ask if anyone dares
What about Johnson and Huntsman?
Nobody cares
Where are the clowns? Send in the clowns,
Don't bother, they're here.