VIDEO- Chris Hayes: CNN's Erin Burnett is "Arrrgh! ... Frustrating!"


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Other noteworthy comments:

Maria Hinojosa: "The cleavage really bothers me."

Naomi Klein: "... Prediction: This occupation will last longer than the Erin Burnett show..."


  • Craig Kelly

    I agree with Maria Hinojosa...maybe she is trying to draw attention from her lack of intelligence..CNN you are a tool.

  • WordSmith

    Who's the dumb ass 'conservative' who LOVES to say - 'this is what you liberals....'  I wanted to slap the SHIT outta him.  Writes for the 'Washington Examiner' btw - in case you didn't know who I was talking about.  I truly do love Maria Hinojosa! Been watching her for years! Couldn't even tell ya when - where?  PBS!   Now I know who Lizz Winstead IS - put the face with the Twitter, so ta speak.