American Spectator editor admits to being agent provocateur at D.C. National Air and Space Museum


My buddy Spocko wrote a piece the other day titled Techniques the Corporate Powers Will Use to Destroy the OWS Movement:

The corporate media will not do the work to verify the facts or context of smears, we have to do it for them. People out here in the blogosphere need to understand that this will be the next step and it is very powerful. The discrediting of leaders is a multi-million dollar industry that works in the service of anyone who has the money and the will. The big money people will first covertly and then overtly engage in smears.

He pretty much predicted what happened at the National Air and Space Museum where security officers there pepper-sprayed protesters. Everything I'd heard and read told me that these were out of control Occupy Wall Street protesters who provoked the action. In fact, they weren't.

As it turns out, it was an agent provocateur from the conservative publication American Spectator.

Thanks to citizen journalists who record as much as they can before their cameras are confiscated (and the speed of disseminating their work via social media doesn't hurt), and/or report what they learn, eventually at least some, if not all, facts come out, facts that the "mainstream media" often fail to report.

Via FDL's Charlie Grapski:

Immediately after the incident began hitting the newswires [Patrick] Howley published a “Breaking News” story with The American Spectator online in which he reveals that he had consciously infiltrated the group on Friday with the intent to discredit the movement.  He states that “as far as anyone knew I was part of this cause — a cause that I had infiltrated the day before in order to mock and undermine in the pages of The American Spectator — and I wasn’t giving up before I had my story.”

According to Howley’s story he joined the group in its march toward the Air and Space Museum but the protesters on the march were unwilling to be confrontational. [...]

As a result of Howley’s activities  a large number of people were subjected to pepper-spray attacks including journalists and tourists who had nothing to do with the protest.  [...]

It is highly likely that the events that occurred would not have taken the turn they did if it were not for Howley’s admitted adventure in an effort to discredit the Occupy movement.  So before the public, the media, and officials turn their attention negatively towards the protests and the protesters there needs to be a critical eye turned on the role of the  American Spectator and the role played in these events by its editorial staff.

Please read the whole post here.

  • Herwits

    Oops, should have read the article first.  Got my wish.

  • Herwits

    I hope someone pepper sprays him.

  • Beaglemom

    I hope someone sues Howley.  He's no better than Breitbart.