This is a revolution, not a reform. This is not a political movement, it's a social movement.


My new best friend is Marty Weinstein, aka @LUCKYMW on Twitter. You can see his previous posts here, all worth a read, trust me.

He has more to say, and I’ve invited him here to say it (bolding is mine):

Occupy Wall Street: Defining The Undefinable

This is a revolution, not a reform.The movement is about democracy based on mutual respect, compassion, and looking out for each other's best interests.

It is all-inclusive to people of any political party, and all voices are welcome to the debate as to how we replace the existing corporate/government co-dependency which results in 99% of the people being excluded from the opportunity to succeed on a level playing field.

We have a list of grievances that was generated by Occupy Wall Street in NY, and those issues are all on the table for discussion in a democratic fashion in order to create solutions. We have only a horizontal hierarchy to prevent one person's agenda from skewing the needs of the group.

This is not a political movement, it's a social movement in which we are now first getting to know one another and we're beginning a national conversation to rectify the position we've been put in by the monolithic Wall Street machine that has purchased our representative government.

We are aware that this movement will take time to grow and for that conversation to synthesize the specific changes we democratically choose to take effect. We are committed to no set timetable, we're here for as long as it takes and for as long as people stay unified in this shared vision.

Right now we are engaging in direct non-violent action so that we can show our sense of strength and purpose in order to attract more voices to the conversation.

The goal is to create a new paradigm in which we all enjoy the promises made to us in the Constitution, not just the crumbs left to us by the privileged class.

This is not an anti-capitalist campaign, nor do we seek to destroy capitalist institutions, we are only seeking to benefit from our labors and protects our rights to health, education, and the pursuit of shared prosperity.