VIDEO: Could Citizens United be overturned?


Another reason I am glued to Countdown: I haven't seen this anywhere else:

It's a long shot, but at least it's something. Via Current:

Rep. Louise Slaughter and other members of Congress are exploring the failure of Justice Clarence Thomas to disclose that his wife made millions of dollars from clients whose cases were decided by the Supreme Court. Slaughter revealed on “Countdown” that she’s exploring “retroactive recusal” in cases like Citizens United, which would nullify Thomas’ vote and overturn the ruling.

  • KansasDem

    I know no one in the MSM would dare make the comparison, but compare our Supreme Court to Iran's system of law.

    Our entire system is ultimately left to a majority of nine effing people! How many of those have a specific religious belief?

    Maybe "Herb" Cain should be more worried about "judicial activist" law in the USA than Sharia law which has never been implemented in any court in the USA!

    And anyone that does not vote Democrat across the board is voting for a more conservative SCOTUS.

  • Thankfully Ms. Slaughter and some of the Reps are addressing this-also, wasn't Anthony Weiner NY-9 calling for an investigation when they dragged his personal life into the equation?

  • It might have the effect of nullfying the vote, but not sure if it would overturn the ruling, At best, it would be deadlocked, and they'd have to go back at it. At least, that's my take...