Monday Links


Ugh Monday.

It's just an illusion: Mathematician uses thousands of Lego bricks to recreate Escher's gravity-defying images

Bookshelf made from books

The interactive gun crime map of America

Pilot hits wrong button to open door for co-pilot returning from toilet, sends plane into nosedive

Up, up and away! Now Google allows you to view a route in a virtual helicopter

The Lessons From Michigan: Don't Ignore the Radical Shift to the Right

Now I can walk tall... all thanks to my remote controlled bionic spine

Which of America's mobile carriers keeps the most intel on you?

Greys? What greys? Scientists develop pill they claim will stop silver hair before it appears

Video- Meet a paleontologist

Male menopause affects 2million Brits but 'can be safely cured with testosterone treatment'

Video- Salvador Dali Gets Surreal with Mike Wallace (1958)

A hands-free green devout Jews can cross the road without breaking a religious law

Polish Catholics see miracle in communion wafer

Prolonged stress 'can shrink the brain' and even lead to dementia

Chewy Vuitton

A retirement home for gay people in Spain

Motorized tricycle that runs on human poo