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Video Overnight Thread- Snack Time!!


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Man pleads guilty to using undocumented to get $4.4 million in unemployment benefits


This is the real immigration scandal. Prosecute the vile opportunists that take advantage of the immigrants limbo status and fear (and the government's lax follow thru) not the decent people who come over here just to get better lives. This is just one group, imagine the money being ripped off across the country. If there was a legal path to citizenship and/or an easier way to get temporary worker status, they wouldn't be able to play off the fear the immigrants have.

A man charged with using undocumented immigrants to fraudulently obtain more than $4.4 million in unemployment benefits pleaded guilty Monday, Nevada’s U.S. Attorney Daniel G. Bogden announced.

Francisco Garcia, 41, of Las Vegas, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge James C. Mahan to conspiracy to commit mail fraud, money laundering and false representation of a Social Security number, officials said.


According to the plea agreement, Garcia and three codefendants fraudulently submitted at least 591 unemployment claims to the state. As a result, the state paid unemployment insurance benefits, emergency unemployment compensation benefits, federal additional compensation benefits and state extended benefits, which exceeded $4.4 million, authorities said.

The defendants committed the fraud by recruiting people illegally in the United States to apply for unemployment benefits and obtained their personal identifying information and work history, officials said.


Rick Perry the "train wreck"


Today's Quickie:

After watching this Bizarro World video, and, well, after observing the utter idiocy of the Perry campaign, the following quote is glaringly obvious:

"Rick Perry is going to go down in history for the all-time train wreck beginning. Because private polling in Iowa 40 days ago had him leading."

-- GOP strategist Mike Murphy, on Meet the Press, commenting on the latest Iowa Poll that has Perry in 6th place

Texas size fail.

That was today's Quickie. Was it good for you?


News Corp.'s James Murdoch gets a pay raise


Is there anyone, I mean besides the Koch brothers, who is less deserving of a pay raise than a member of the Murdoch family? James Murdoch is smack dab in the middle of a huge phone/computer hacking scandal, is a proud member of the 1%, but, as Think Progress is reporting, he's still getting a £1,300 pay increase from British broadcaster BSkyB:

The announcement, the Telegraph reports, made no mention of the scandals that have enveloped News Corp. since early this summer:

The increase, which brings Mr Murdoch’s pay for the non-executive role to £88,000, was revealed in an annual report from BSkyB that made no mention of the News of the World phone hacking scandal that has rocked News Corp and BSkyB, and ultimately derailed the deal.

It must be nice to be rewarded for being an unethical, lying little Son of a.. Rupert Murdoch.

Occupy News Corp.