Astronomy Overnight Thread- Cloudy Night of the Northern Lights


Cloudy Night of the Northern Lights
Image Credit & Copyright: Fredrick Broms (Northern Lights Photography)

Explanation: On September 26, a large solar coronal mass ejection smacked into planet Earth's magnetosphere producing a severe geomagnetic storm and wide spread auroras. Captured here near local midnight from Kvaløya island outside Tromsø in northern Norway, the intense auroral glow was framed by parting rain clouds. Tinted orange, the clouds are also in silhouette as the tops of the colorful shimmering curtains of northern lights extend well over 100 kilometers above the ground. Though the auroral rays are parallel, perspective makes them appear to radiate from a vanishing point at the zenith. Near the bottom of the scene, an even more distant Pleiades star cluster and bright planet Jupiter shine on this cloudy northern night.

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  • Anonymous

    I seriously considered becoming an astronomer, but my eyesight was so iffy it made it difficult. I do enjoy the innovations made though.

  • Starman1261

    Way to go Paddy! Keep the astronomical (and space news alive!)

    All anyone has to do to learn about astronomy is to look UP. And see reality.

    I ask all - when is the last time you went into your backyards.... and looked up? No telescope is needed....just a set of working eyes. (Sorry my blind bros.....then again, we have blind astronomers, too...but that's another post.)
    -Galileo126   (Dr. Bob) -friend of Political Carnival