VIDEO: Occupy Wall Street is growing. A massive union votes to side with protesters.


Matt Taibbi:

"The movement is growing organically... There is enough real distress and desperation out there that this could transform into a real movement... It could provide the political support for those activists who are trying to change very specific things about how Wall Street operates...."

The now 13 day old movement is growing, the protests have attracted more people every day, and those who have criticized it for being small, disorganized, or lacking a specific message may need to think again. For example, the Teamsters Union is supporting the protest. And as I posted the other day, so are Continental pilots. 

Now the New York Transit Workers Union (TWU) is jumping in. According to their website, they have "200,000 members and retirees in 22 states around the country."

Via Business Insider:

According to Daily Kos, The New York Transit Workers Union(TWU) voted to support the Wall Street Protestors at their meeting last night.

A member of TWU Local 100 told a reporter that they would join the protest Friday at 4PM. [...]

Today we learned the Industrial Workers of the World put a message of support on their website as well.

It's a diverse group with a general message of 99% of working and unemployed Americans vs. the top corporate 1%. This is what grassroots looks like, unlike Dick Armey's FreedomWorks' corporate sponsorship of the tea party.

And after all their rallies, racist signs, shouting down Congress members at town hall meetings, and outright hostility toward President Obama, I don't recall any teabaggers getting pepper sprayed by the police.

  • KayInMaine

    I am so loving this! We're going to Occupy Maine this Saturday in Portland. Can't wait!!!

  • Here comes the argument from the right: "See, this is just a front for those damned unions".

    While I think the unions lend some support, I don't think this movement will really gain any true foothold until regular, average, unaffiliated people start showing up in large numbers. Until then, the media will continue to spin this as a bunch of miscreants with nothing better to do, or anarchists trying to use popular sentiment to get their way. 

    Kind of like the Tea Party.