VIDEO: Subway shop patrons react to poor GOP Rep. Fleming who barely gets by on $400,000



John Fleming says that he only has $400k after he feeds and houses his family from his $1.6 million a year income. Voters react! It's hard living on $400k.

My post with the original video of Fleming is here.

  • Anonymous

    Ah. To have just 10% of that $400k, BEFORE I pay my bills & feed my family.  That's just a dream right now.

  • Uknovaboy

    Does that include his congressional salary and the health care and pension benefits he gets as well???

  • Terri D

    From his congressional website:  John has been married to his wife Cindy for 33 years and they have four adult children and two grandchildren.  So, that 400,000 divided by two (assuming these adult children have moved out)  means that they're each eating 3,486 in groceries each week, $549.45 a day, or $183.15 at each of 3 meals a day.  They've gotta be snacking.  That's it.  Some unhealthy snacks.