Tea baggers form own "super committee", will meet at Denny's


FreedomWorks is holding a meeting... at Denny's. What, no corporate board rooms were available? I guess they wanted to set the mood for a Grand Slam:

Washington (CNN) - As the congressional "super committee" works in Washington to cut America's federal debt, a panel of tea party activists will meet at a Denny's restaurant in Orlando to propose their own debt solutions.

And by "debt solutions" they mean they won't raise taxes.

FreedomWorks put out a statement:

FreedomWorks believes that President Obama's 'super-committee' will inevitably fall prey to special interest groups, shutting American taxpayers out of the discussion on how to reduce spending and balance the budget...

Apparently, Dick Armey's FreedomWorks forgot that Dick Armey's FreedomWorks has fallen prey to special interest groups.

The committee's goal is to create a budget plan that balances the federal budget... reduces federal spending... reduces the national debt...  and does not raise taxes.

Did I mention they won't raise taxes?

They put out yet another statement about their new Orlando SuperPAC, a little something they like to call FreedomWorks for America, that will donate money directly to candidates:

FreedomWorks for America aims to empower the leaderless, decentralized community of the tea party movement as it continues its hostile takeover of the GOP establishment...

Well, they got two things right: They're hostile and they want to take over.