Video- Bill O'Reilly Says He May "Pack It In" If Obama Raises Taxes On Him Too Much


LOL, I'll second Ed Schultz's "added benefit" thought. Via.

  • Rnyuk

    If only rush would follow bill

  • Because it was sooooo good, I'll just quote Tbogg in full:

    "On the eve of Class Warfare: The Obama-ing I will stand in solidarity with  rightwing bloggers
    and will refuse to become a millionaire because I find it morally
    objectionable to pull down the big bucks and live a lavish lifestyle
    only to have the government ask me to pay a bit more in taxes to fund
    their Godless socialism and unfunded wars that warbloggers were for
    until the bill came due and then, hey, whoa, I didn’t order that.
    As God is my witness I will not take a penny over a very high six
    figure income which I am sure will come to me someday very soon via
    working hard and earning it the old fashioned way like Paris Hilton and
    Steve Forbes did or maybe from repeatedly winning the Publishers
    Clearing House sweepstakes.

    Be forewarned America, I will begin to withhold my productivity at
    the slightest hint that I might make more than $999,999.99 in a year.

    Wolverines! or Go Galt!

    One of those…"

    I can't say it any better than that. Or, I'm too lazy to try.... one of those.

  • Oh Bill,just pack it in!