Breaking- Senator Lamar Alexander quitting leadership post in Senate


Does not seem quite right.

Sen. Lamar Alexander will resign from his influential Republican leadership post in January, according to a letter obtained by POLITICO - a stunning decision by the former two-time presidential candidate who has played a central role shaping GOP strategy during President Barack Obama’s time in office.

In a letter sent Tuesday morning to Republican senators, Alexander said he’ll cut short his leadership term by quitting as Republican Conference chairman, the No. 3 job, and abandoning his hopes to ascend to the powerful Senate Republican whip job in the next Congress.

Alexander says the decision was rooted in his desire to foster consensus in the gridlocked Senate, a role he felt constrained playing while spearheading the partisan Senate GOP messaging machine.

  • Sounds to me like he is even more afraid of the crazy than everyone else. If you think they don't like Boehner in the house, who is the speaker and has control how do you think the number 3 Republican who hasn't forced the Democrats to walk the line yet is going to fare? Probably a dead girl somewhere in the too, but I also think Senator Alexander didn't sign up for the Tea Party when he went for Fred Thompson's seat. I would bring up the tone of his campaign, that's something he will have to live with but if he ever wondered what would happen when all those folks who miss the 60's banded together and decided to attempt to drag us back in time, I introduce you to:The Tea Party.

    And no even he isn't immune to their insanity

  • They always get caught before they quit. He is definitely quitting to play a bigger role behind the scenes. And I assure you, someone worse is going to take his place in the senate.

  • gainesMI

    Never trust a Repug that's wanting to play nice.....

  • Hmmmm...Dropping leadership roll to be a bigger mouthpiece?  That would be the simplest explanation.  But, as we know, the GOP doesn't do simple.

  • Anonymous

    Something is definitely up. I can't wait for the juicy details.

  • Gindy53

    Dead girl or live boy?