How Southern Republicans Aim to Make White Democrats Extinct


Georgia House Minority Leader, State Rep. Stacey Abrams, wrote a piece for U.S. News and World Report that is a must-read:

Across the state, legislative maps are drawn to split voters along artificial lines to isolate them by race... Racial groups are identified and segregated; their leadership eliminated. It is the way of the South. Only this isn't 1964, the year before the signing of the Voting Rights Act. This is Georgia in 2011.

But this time, the legislators at risk are white men and women who have had the temerity to represent majority African-American districts, and Latino legislators who spoke up for their growing Hispanic population... If the maps proposed by the GOP in Georgia stand, nearly half of the white Democratic state representatives could be removed from office in one election cycle. Call it the "race card"—in reverse. [...]

[B]ased on the maps passed last week by the Republican majority, we are in danger of returning to 1964. [...]

The GOP's newly drawn voting lines in the state of Georgia reveals a pernicious new cynicism in our politics—the use of the Voting Rights Act as a weapon to destroy racial, ethnic, and gender diversity... If effective here, the cradle of the civil rights movement, the strategy is expected to be implemented in mid-term redistricting across the South. Republican lawmakers in Alabama, Louisiana, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, and Virginia are watching closely.

Monochromatic solutions. Hear that white voters? Political segregation is the new black.