VIDEO- Pat Robertson to man with Alzheimers-stricken wife: Divorce her.


Hey Pat, if you start with, "I know it sounds cruel..."-- it is.

And to hell with those pesky marriage vows, right? They only matter if icky gay people want to take them.

"Holy" matrimony? Feh:

"Gone! They're gone! They are gone!"... as you should be, ex-Baptist minister Robertson.

It wouldn't surprise me if he was at home applauding along with the "pro-life" teabate crowd.

Memo to Pat Robertson (who, by the way, was so holier-than-thou wholesome that he censored the words "toilet paper" in a run of 150 squeaky clean jokes I had to write for a ventriloquist and his space alien dummy while working for this s.o.b. at The Family Channel):

My mother died of Alzheimer's, and my dad nearly did himself in caring for her well into his mid-eighties because he was that devoted to her. See, my father had what's called a heart, Pat, compassion. Or as you like to call it, a burden.

Pat Robertson: Insensitive asshole Hypocridiot-O'-The-Day.

Via Alan Colmes.

H/t: @GregOstravich