VIDEO- Pat Robertson to man with Alzheimers-stricken wife: Divorce her.


Hey Pat, if you start with, "I know it sounds cruel..."-- it is.

And to hell with those pesky marriage vows, right? They only matter if icky gay people want to take them.

"Holy" matrimony? Feh:

"Gone! They're gone! They are gone!"... as you should be, ex-Baptist minister Robertson.

It wouldn't surprise me if he was at home applauding along with the "pro-life" teabate crowd.

Memo to Pat Robertson (who, by the way, was so holier-than-thou wholesome that he censored the words "toilet paper" in a run of 150 squeaky clean jokes I had to write for a ventriloquist and his space alien dummy while working for this s.o.b. at The Family Channel):

My mother died of Alzheimer's, and my dad nearly did himself in caring for her well into his mid-eighties because he was that devoted to her. See, my father had what's called a heart, Pat, compassion. Or as you like to call it, a burden.

Pat Robertson: Insensitive asshole Hypocridiot-O'-The-Day.

Via Alan Colmes.

H/t: @GregOstravich

  • Meuwzic

    Look jerk off do consider myself a teapartier and u a generalizing jerk. Pat Robertson's comments were disgusting and reprehensible.

  • Meuwzic

    Look jerk off do consider myself a teapartier and u a generalizing jerk. Pat Robertson's comments were disgusting and reprehensible.

  • Kissfox

    Where is Pat Robertson's sense of "protecting the sanctity of marriage"? Such a damned hypocrite and Pharisee! Oh, he'll raise unholy hell against gays and gay marriage because it makes HIM look like a most holy "Christian." I think of Jesus's words "many tug at My robe and say 'Lord! Lord!' but their hearts are far from Me." Translation: just because someone purports to be a "Christian" does not make it so. I thank God that I'm not ruled by evil people such as these bozos, but led by the Lord Himself. "Well meaning-family counsel" organizations are just for people that don't have a respectable life so they try and make others miserable and controlled! I'm a gay Christrian and I have YET to feel cast out or looked down upon by God. Guess seeing God for the truthfulness that He is in reality magnifies the sense of lies and darkness these TV hypocridiots really are full of.

  • Justmecheryl06

    OK Pat. Asshole. And I mean that.

  • And now you know why Newt Gingrinch felt no heat whatsoever when he left his sick wives in their hospital beds to gallivant of with other women. This is one of the main spiritual leaders of the republican party and while he is PRO LIFE, you know you MUST have that child MARRIAGE VOWS are not as important. How can you want people to be for a Defense Of Marriage Act when here you are, on your own network with good old home court advantage, so easily discarding it.

    Depravity your name is Theo-Political Agent 

  • If there was a god, Pat Robertson would be suffering more hardships than the other 7 billion people on the planet combined.  Pat Robertson is proof that there is no god.

  • How come nobody's drowned that hypocritical son of a bitch?

  • Schereruschi

    What an ass wipe!!! My mother took care of my Dad who had Alzheimer's until he passed away. It never entered her mind to leave him.

  • I KNOW it says NOH8 on my avatar...but Robertson is deserving of some H8!