"It's not an a la carte menu" vs. "Obama would sign parts of Jobs Bill, push for rest"


Here's what Greg Sargent posted at 8:44 am ET:

Obama team aggressively moving to reset the dynamic on jobs: The notable thing about the current standoff over Obama’s jobs bill is that the White House seems to be aggressively trying to reset a dynamic that has repeatedly bedeviled the President in the past. [...]

AXELROD: We want them to act now on this package. We’re not in a negotiation to break up the package. It’s not an a la carte menu. It is a strategy to get this country moving.

Here's what Sam Stein posted at 12:41 pm ET:

Obama Would Sign Parts Of Jobs Bill, Push For Rest:

The Obama White House is revising its initial unwillingness to negotiate on the president's job creation plan, saying now that if individual components of the bill came to the president's desk -- as opposed to the bill in its entirety -- he would sign them into law. The new approach opens up the administration to charges that it no longer views the American Jobs Act as a take-it-or-leave-it bill. [...]

By acknowledging that Obama is willing to sign off on individual components of his bill, the administration does appear to be inviting Republicans to take action on their preferred provisions -- such as extending the payroll tax cut or providing tax relief for small businesses -- and punt on the others.

Apparently, the President is bedeviled again.

H/t: @murshedz