Friday Links


Does nothing for me.

Mangled girders from Twin Towers unveiled as 9/11 London memorial (but sculpture is still seeking a permanent home)

With no shortage of podcasts, stand-up comedy has gone download

Couple put 70 years of wedded bliss down to... a weekly glass of CABBAGE WATER

Video- Puppy imitates sound of howling wolves

Socialising keeps you slim: People with lots of friends burn off more fat than using a treadmill

Man pleads guilty in MLK Day parade bomb case

Shampoo and setter: Labrador laps up the suds at self-service dog wash station

Video shows controversial forensic specialist Michael West fabricating bite marks

Video- Gainsborough company claims smallest car title

Bon Jovi in 9/11 encore sings for NY firefighters

Ibuprofen 'can double the risk of miscarriage' and many expectant mothers are unaware of the dangers

Gentleman unable to change his name to “”

E-Type Jag reborn: Lean, mean and 'green', a 186mph coupé for the 21st century

Design competition seeks to improve National Mall

A drink a day 'is good for older women's health' (Ed note- YEAH!!)

Patriot Act search warrants overwhelmingly used for drugs

Drunken elk rescued from Swede's apple tree

Ron Paul’s Fans Rush to Protect Him From Rick Perry’s ‘Assault’