VIDEO: New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez (R) admits her grandparents entered the U.S. illegally


If only I spoke fluent Spanish. Since I don't, I'll depend on TPC readers to translate, and of course, Taegan and the AP to fill us in. Taegan first:

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez (R), who has taken a very hard line on illegal immigrantion, acknowledged to KLUZ-TV that her paternal grandparents entered the United States illegally.


"I know they arrived without documents, especially my father's father," the Republican said Wednesday in an interview in Spanish with KLUZ-TV, the Albuquerque Univision affiliate. [...]

Her comments Wednesday appeared to be the first time she has answered the question definitively.

Lisa Y. Ramos, a Texas A&M University history professor, said, "She wouldn't be there if her grandfather, who was undocumented, hadn't come."

Ella es un hipócrita Republicana.