VIDEO: New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez (R) admits her grandparents entered the U.S. illegally


If only I spoke fluent Spanish. Since I don't, I'll depend on TPC readers to translate, and of course, Taegan and the AP to fill us in. Taegan first:

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez (R), who has taken a very hard line on illegal immigrantion, acknowledged to KLUZ-TV that her paternal grandparents entered the United States illegally.


"I know they arrived without documents, especially my father's father," the Republican said Wednesday in an interview in Spanish with KLUZ-TV, the Albuquerque Univision affiliate. [...]

Her comments Wednesday appeared to be the first time she has answered the question definitively.

Lisa Y. Ramos, a Texas A&M University history professor, said, "She wouldn't be there if her grandfather, who was undocumented, hadn't come."

Ella es un hipócrita Republicana.

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    Today Governor Susana Martinez spoke to Univision News of
    New Mexico over the controversy of the origin of her immigrant grandparents who
    arrived to this country from Mexico and they also did not have a driver's
    license. David Alire has the report:


    Alire: A month ago the news came out that Governor Susana
    Martinez is a granddaughter of undocumented immigrants. According to the
    investigation by the principal daily newspaper of Santa Fe, Adolfo and
    Francisca Martinez, paternal grandparents of the governor, arrived in the
    United States from Mexico in 1930 without papers. Today for the first time
    Martinez spoke to Univision News of New Mexico directly on this subject about
    her family while she fiercely fights the law that grants drivers' licenses to
    the undocumented.


    Martinez: I did not know my grandfather or my grandmother.
    She died when my grandfather... when my father was about one year of age. After
    that, my grandfather abandoned the family. I know they arrived here, I know
    they arrived undocumented. Specially my father... my father's father.


    Alire: The first Latina governor in the state's history
    notes that many people at that time crossed the border frequently without


    Martinez: When he arrived, we didn't know how they arrived
    to The United States. We now have a document that tells it. In those days it
    was very different.


    Alire: Though she did not say if her grandfather would have
    been a threat to public safety, the same description she now has for the
    undocumented with a driver's license, she repeated her position.


    Martinez: In those days, the law was very different. We have
    had and have suffered many things since, simply September eleventh, what
    happened ten years ago. That is why we have to make sure that when people
    arrive to The United States, that they don't come to New Mexico to obtain a
    driver's license with false documents.


    Alire: Marcela Diaz, Director of the pro immigrant group
    Somos Un Pueblo Unido (we are a united people) has her own theory.


    Diaz: I think she is concerned for her own political career.
    It is obvious that it is the most important thing to her and not her links to
    our community nor her family history.


    Alire: Meanwhile she describes the governor's position as an
    enormous irony. She will also not change her (audio skips) to the community.


    Diaz: There are many reasons why politicians do what they
    do. Our duty, our responsibility our obligation is to keep fighting for our
    families and that is precisely what we are doing.


    David Alire, Univision News, New Mexico

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    I am Hispanic and here is my translation: She is

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    Then according to laws Repub would like to pass, children born in America of illegal immigrants aren't citizens, therefore Gov Martinez wouldn't be an American citizen.