Deadbeat dad Rep. Joe Walsh wants ex-wife sanctioned in child support case



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Chutzpah isn't a strong enough word for this lying piece of excrement. Between his deadbeat daditude, his own office saying he only represents tea baggers, and his boycotting tonight's speech by his president, our president (along with a few other boorish GOPers), no wonder Lawrence O'Donnell banned him from The Last Word.

Just when you think he can't get any worse... Via the Chicago Sun-Times:

Six days after the Sun-Times reported that Rep. Joe Walsh allegedly owes more than $100,000 in child support for three of his children, the McHenry Republican filed a motion seeking sanctions against his ex-wife.

Walsh’s attorneys sought the sanctions against Laura Walsh because they said she had not complied with their request in February to provide them voluminous documentation of her employment and salary records at pharmaceuticals manufacturer Eli Lilly as well as bank statements, tax returns and expense reports. [...]

Laura Walsh’s attorney, Jack Coladarci, called that request “harassment” and said the issue was why Joe Walsh was not paying $117,000 of back child support and interest. Laura Walsh had no corresponding obligation to pay Joe Walsh any support, and so the extensive requests for documents were inappropriate, Coladarci said.

Let us not forget that he paid virtually nothing to her for a few years, using the excuse that he had no money. And by no money, he meant that he had thousands, as in the 35 grand he loaned his own campaign. One way or another, he'll do himself in, permanently. There's enough here for a career ender, if only the media would jump on it.

More details here.

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  • This just in! Right wing RightWired has no legit comeback so feels obligated to call people names!

    Right Wire doesn't know how to read and obey blog guidelines! RightWired gets banned!

    We'll have this and other shocking revelations at 11.

  • RightWired

    This just in! Left wing retard links left wing blogs that parotts left wing retards's position: We'll have this and other shocking revelations at 11.

    Say, did George Soros ever stop counting his money long enough beating his mail order bride? Or are you going to be intellectually dishonest and/or willfully ignorant about that too?

  • You may as well give up, RightWired. Apples/oranges. Foley is an actor who never pretended to be "holier than thou" when it came to family values.

    Walsh was an elected official who is a blatant hypocrite:

    Walsh Praised As 'Pro-Family' By Family Research Council, Despite Child Support Issues:

    Mr. Pro Family "also rejected the congressional health insurance plan for his
    family on principle, much to the chagrin of his current wife, Helene,
    who had a preexisting condition and needed surgery while the couple was

    Recently, a judge rebuked
    Walsh for failing to even show up to a court hearing about his missed
    child support payments, telling the Chicago-area lawmaker that he
    doesn’t deserve special treatment and that he’s “no different than
    anyone else.”

    If you can't offer up better arguments than you have already, then you might want to stop. It's getting embarrassing.

  • RightWired

    Left wing nutjob Dave Foley owes $500,000+ in child support. No media coverage. None.

  • In part:

    And he was making those payments...until last month. According to a story in the Chicago Sun-Times yesterday, Walsh is once again a deadbeat dad refusing to pay his child support. He skipped last month's payment, and is now claiming he should not have to pay support any longer since he lost his election. According to the Chicago Sun-Times:

    After insisting he wasn’t a “deadbeat dad” throughout his failed campaign for re-election, ex-U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh skipped last month’s child support payment and has asked to stop paying altogether.

    His reason: Since he’s out of Congress, he’s now unemployed.

  • RightWired

    Joe Walsh did not miss a single payment. Each child support check has been automatically taken from his check since 2003.  His ex wife and lawyer are lying, and the left wing media is obediently eating it up.

  • Deker4

    Don't you just love it when those haters of deadbeat dads lecture Americans about family values? All JUope has to do is look in the mirror and say "He is me".

  • Deker4

    Don't you just love it when those haters of deadbeat dads lecture Americans about family values? All JUope has to do is look in the mirror and say "He is me".

  • andrushka

    Another jerk?

  • Emilio

    Are there any ethical Republicans remaining?

  • If this is what republicans call "Moral Superiority" I want a damn recount. How they can claim to be any religion, how they can even mouth the word Moral, or Christian, or God is beyond me. I would have kicked him out when this story first came to light. How do you lie about this, I mean is he DISPUTING that he owes the child support? Is he disputing her claims or just being a pompous jackass and saying he is above the law and the rules(which if we take into account his current attitude and statements from his staff would seem true)?

    Some people prove themselves to be incorrigible Joe Walsh is one of them.

  • HarborGuy


    The Party of the Holy and Pious...of God, Jesus and Christianity? And this vomit wants this done to the ex?

    Well WTF!

    Put this dirt bag in jail.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my God, Katie!  From that article:

    "At a Wauconda town hall last Thursday, an audience member who criticized Walsh on the matter late in the evening was booed by the crowd. “People in my base are angry,” Walsh said. “My name ID was through the roof before this thing came out; now it’s off the chart.”"

    So now it looks like he's enjoying the fame this is generating, and bragging about it?   Is he collecting on this, the old "poor Joe, the libruls are attacking him....think I'll send him a check"?  All I can say is republicans are off their rockers these days.  Nuts!
    Read more:

  • Anonymous

    Are camera's allowed in the courtroom of his jurisdiction?

    Also, this:   "Walsh does not list any child-support debt on his congressional
    financial disclosure form, where he is required both by law and by
    congressional ethics rules to list debts in excess of $10,000.
    Inaccuracies in those statements could land him in a vat of political
    hot water."
    Read more:

  • Anonymous

    Go Laffy go!  This sanctimonious piece of dung needs MSM ass whooping!  Why MSNBC has had him on several shows in the last few days is beyond me.  He said he is going to be "talking to the people" in lieu of attending the speech, is he having a town hall?  Will people have to pay?  Will they be arrested if he doesn't like their questions? 

  • OK, America, is that what you call quality representation? Is Joe Walsh the best we can do? Because if it is, America, then we are doomed, doomed by our ignorance, doomed by our feeble ability to tell crooks and liars from honorable and honest people. Is this what you want? Is this how you want to be known, as the nation that elects the "lowest common denominator" to govern?

  • The corporate-owned "Librul" media doesn't seem all that interested...

  • Ha.  There's so many "career enders" out there, it's created a sort of shock that renders everyone numb over it all.  As long as he keeps his peeps happy, and there's certainly plenty of dead-beat dads out there to support him, he'll stay right where he is. 

    For all the lies that are caught, falsehoods uncovered, payoffs made public, nothing, read: N O  THING, happens.  Ever.


    (What the F is up with that?)