Deadbeat dad Rep. Joe Walsh wants ex-wife sanctioned in child support case



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Chutzpah isn't a strong enough word for this lying piece of excrement. Between his deadbeat daditude, his own office saying he only represents tea baggers, and his boycotting tonight's speech by his president, our president (along with a few other boorish GOPers), no wonder Lawrence O'Donnell banned him from The Last Word.

Just when you think he can't get any worse... Via the Chicago Sun-Times:

Six days after the Sun-Times reported that Rep. Joe Walsh allegedly owes more than $100,000 in child support for three of his children, the McHenry Republican filed a motion seeking sanctions against his ex-wife.

Walsh’s attorneys sought the sanctions against Laura Walsh because they said she had not complied with their request in February to provide them voluminous documentation of her employment and salary records at pharmaceuticals manufacturer Eli Lilly as well as bank statements, tax returns and expense reports. [...]

Laura Walsh’s attorney, Jack Coladarci, called that request “harassment” and said the issue was why Joe Walsh was not paying $117,000 of back child support and interest. Laura Walsh had no corresponding obligation to pay Joe Walsh any support, and so the extensive requests for documents were inappropriate, Coladarci said.

Let us not forget that he paid virtually nothing to her for a few years, using the excuse that he had no money. And by no money, he meant that he had thousands, as in the 35 grand he loaned his own campaign. One way or another, he'll do himself in, permanently. There's enough here for a career ender, if only the media would jump on it.

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