Poll-itics: President Obama Approval Sinks to New Lows Among Whites, Hispanics



Gallup has more.

  • This is a poll, not an opinion.

    Criticizing Obama is what he asked us to do, even far lefties.

    We can do that and still vote against the GOP in '12.


  • let me set everyone straight here and now...

    this race, obama vs. the gop in 2012, is not about apples and oranges its about apples and poison.

    the american people have no choices, its either obama or losing everything the middle class has ever fought for, from minimum wage, social security, unions, child labor laws, medicare, employer provided health care, etc. and there aren't just words by the repubs. these are actually things they plan on doing and are doing at the moment on the local level.

    and for the far lefties out there stop bitchin' your not helping the cause instead of bitching over everything unpopular thing that your not getting how about understanding that without obama not only do you not get what you want but you will lose what you already have.

    so its your choice america obama or nothing.

    obama '12