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Astronomy Overnight Thread- Cloudy Night of the Northern Lights


Cloudy Night of the Northern Lights
Image Credit & Copyright: Fredrick Broms (Northern Lights Photography)

Explanation: On September 26, a large solar coronal mass ejection smacked into planet Earth's magnetosphere producing a severe geomagnetic storm and wide spread auroras. Captured here near local midnight from Kvaløya island outside Tromsø in northern Norway, the intense auroral glow was framed by parting rain clouds. Tinted orange, the clouds are also in silhouette as the tops of the colorful shimmering curtains of northern lights extend well over 100 kilometers above the ground. Though the auroral rays are parallel, perspective makes them appear to radiate from a vanishing point at the zenith. Near the bottom of the scene, an even more distant Pleiades star cluster and bright planet Jupiter shine on this cloudy northern night.

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VIDEO: Chris Christie, Sarah Palin star as "The Oddest Couple" in Dem attack ad


Via The Hill.

H/t: @Knishette


Huge Crowd Of 5,000 Now At Occupy Wall Street Protests As First Wave Of Union Support Arrives


Via Ilene Kent aka @runforfun54 with permission

You'll have to go here for the photos: Huge Crowd Of 5,000 Now At Occupy Wall Street Protests As First Wave Of Union Support Arrives (h/t: Leftpalm)

Now, NYPD police scanners are estimating a crowd up to 5,000 are occupying liberty square in a scene that is now starting to look more like Egypt’s Tahrir square.

In fact the protests have become so large that Fox News has set up a live stream covering the protests.

My post about union support here.

Meantime, I'm currently accepting videos, UNDER 30 seconds, for my next Blunt webisode. Just talk into a cell cam or a video cam, telling me what Occupy Wall Street means to you and/or the country.

If you're not familiar with my Blunt videos, go here.

I've heard from some of my contacts who are at the protest in NYC, and they'll be contributing to this one. I'm giving anyone who wants one an outlet to speak about this movement.

Feel free to send your SHORT video file to BLUNT at ThePoliticalCarnival dot NET.


VIDEO- Sen. Lautenberg: Chris Christie is "a persistent liar... abusive to women.. a bully..."


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I saw this live and applauded Sen. Frank Lautenberg repeatedly as he called out Chris Christie like nobody else I've heard:

"...He's a persistent liar... His bullying temperament, he calls people names freely, he's abusive to women. He called one a jerk, another one a liar, another needed a baseball bat brought to her?...  He's strictly a divider... They don't know what kind of a bully he is, he's thrown people out of meetings, he's used all kinds of insults, he's not a peacemaker nor is he a mover on a bipartisan basis."