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"The most gratuitously -- and joyously! -- dickish move of his presidency."


Regarding this...

... Gawker said this:

"...The most gratuitously -- and joyously! -- dickish move of his presidency."

The Fix said this:

"The contrast the White House is hoping to force is between a sitting incumbent spending his time trying to find solutions to the big problems facing the country and a motley crew of Republicans fighting amongst themselves as they all try to run to the extreme ideological right."

And John Boehner did this:

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) wrote President Obama to ask if he would address a joint session of Congress next Thursday, September 8 -- the opening night for the National Football League.

Speaking of being "dickish":

So Boehner lied, what a surprise.

Meanwhile, as all of these games are being played out, Americans are out of work, need decent health care, are trying to recover from being slammed by earthquakes and hurricanes, and could use a dose of constructive legislation from their representatives.

In other news, President Obama asked The Boehner to move his drinking hours to after his term is up.


VIDEO- Former GOP Sen. Chuck Hagel: Republicans now “too far to the right,” GOP leadership “irresponsible"


I sweartogod I was just discussing the "Whatever happened to Chuck Hagel?" mystery with a friend. Mystery solved.

It's jarring to see a more rational, reasonable member of the Republican party. They're an endangered species.

Video via Think Progress.


Hidden network of U.S. companies aided secret flights transporting terror suspects to overseas prisons


I've railed against extraordinary rendition over and over in my posts about torture, Guantanamo Bay, the Bush administration, etc. Here we go again. A New York billing dispute ended up revealing details of secret CIA rendition flights.

Of course, if one were to ask Dick Cheney, one would hear him bluster and boast and huff-and-puff about all the evil terrorists BushCo rounded up and how much safer this country is because of their illegal immoral deplorable daring war crimes efforts.


Documents filed in a New York court case show that the firms aiding in the "extraordinary rendition" flights ranged from a major government contractor, DynCorp, to flight companies and even caterers that stocked the planes with fruit platters and bottles of wine.


[D]etails about shadowy CIA flights... have emerged in a small Upstate New York courthouse in a billing dispute between contractors. The court documents offer a rare glimpse of the costs and operations of a controversial program that President Obama shut down shortly after taking office. [...]

In other cases, the government has invoked the “state secrets” privilege to shut down litigation about the CIA program, but the case in Columbia County proceeded uninterrupted in an almost empty courtroom. [...]

[The logs] show multiple calls to CIA headquarters, to the cell and home phones of a senior CIA official involved in the rendition program, and to a government contractor, DynCorp, based in Falls Church, that worked for the CIA. [...]

“This new evidence tells a chilling story, from the CIA’s efforts to disguise its illegal activities to the price it paid to ferry prisoners to torture chambers across the world,” said Cori Crider, Reprieve’s legal director. ... Over the course of 36 months, between 2002 and 2005, the Richmor plane flew at least 1,258 hours for the agency, including routine flights to transfer personnel to Guantanamo and other destinations, according to the court records.

The flights went to Guantanamo Bay, Germany, and the Middle East on a regular basis. The Bush crime family was clearly being sensitive to their dire need for fruit platters and wine.


Eric Cantor was against offsetting disaster funds before he was for it


As my 72-year-old friend (now 73) @42bkdodgr said yesterday, “Rep. Cantor, start acting like a ‘mensch’ and stop being a ‘putz’”. He's asking the impossible:

Rep. Eric Cantor has proven again he doesn’t live in the real world. Following the earthquake on the east coast, where the epicenter was in Rep. Cantor’s Congressional district, he assured his constituents that Congress “will find the monies” to assist earthquake victims in his district.

Their was one caveat, that “those monies will be offset with appropriate savings or cost cutting elsewhere”. Rep. Cantor basically said the same thing regarding funds that will be needed, resulting from damages caused by hurricane Irene.

So in time of need, Rep. Cantor is willing to hold emergency disaster relief funds hostage unless cost cutting is also done.

Seems Eric Cantor is a bundle of contradictions, or as I like to call him, "Hypocridiot-O'-The-Day. Via First Read:

Now, Sam Stein at Huffington Post points out that, in 2004, Cantor actually voted against a bill that would have done exactly what he's now calling for:

"[A] bemused Democratic source notes that in October 2004, Cantor voted against an amendment to an emergency supplemental bill for disaster aid that would have "fully offset" the cost of that supplemental with "a proportional reduction of FY05 discretionary funding" elsewhere. Funding for defense, homeland security, and veterans was exempted from the proposed cuts. But the amendment, introduced by Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), would do precisely what Republican leadership is proposing to do now."

Cantor spokesman Brad Dayspring chalks it up to the ballooning national debt for the apparent change of heart.... "We are living in different times."

And Eric is living on Planet Nice Try.