NMA VIDEO: Dick Cheney snipes at old colleagues in new book


Via the inimitable Next Media Animation:

In a new tell-all book, former Vice President Dick Cheney says he took charge of the government response after 9/11, not President Bush. He snipes at former Secretary of State Colin Powell for not speaking his mind with Bush, while badmouthing policies privately. In the book, he also ridicules Powell’s successor Condoleeza Rice for crying. Cheney lost influence to doves such as Rice in Bush's second term.  And claims that when he suggested bombing Syria in 2007, he was completely shut down. Powell has already began to counter Cheney’s claims. Who will speak up next?

  • Don't hate him, it only makes him stronger and begins your Journey to the dark side. Emperor Cheney is watching us all

  • HarborGuy

    ...what we always knew.

    DicKKK is a REAL dick.

    I really, really hate this guy.