VIDEO- Hurricane Irene reporter: Weird stuff "didn't taste great." Oops. "Apparently, it was raw sewage."


"Be careful with that 'weird stuff'"...

Some of the footage of television reporters putting themselves in the most extreme position possible just to get the best “stand-up” live shot was beyond parody.

First prize went to Tucker Barnes, a reporter for Fox 5, who went live from Ocean City, Maryland amid a strange, brown foamy substance. He reported that it “didn’t taste great” and had a “sandy consistency”. Apparently, it was raw sewage:

Oh. My. God. Ew.

Via The Telegraph. Please read the entire article, "Perfect Storm of Hype: Politicians, the media and the Hurricane Irene apocalypse that never was".

H/t: David Shuster

  • KansasDem

    From 1975 through 1985 I was one of the now dreaded public employees as a mechanic for the Nebraska Dept of Roads. The title "mechanic" meant I worked on everything!

    The state had some rest areas with there own waste treatment facilities which incorporated many neat little tools to "chop", "aerate", etc. We had cute names for them like "turd cutter" and "blower".

    There were always several "blowers" and very seldom were all needed to run at one time so if one failed it was easy to reprogram things so another could replace it while actually replacing the failed unit, but there was only one "turd cutter" where all of the sewage passed through.

    When the "turd cutter" failed the waste literally piled up and we'd clean up the mess wearing nothing but our regular work clothes and elbow high rubber gloves. At best we'd wear full face shields to prevent splashes to the face, eyes, mouth, etc.

    This has of course improved due to government regulation WHICH COSTS MORE you dumb ass tea baggers! Oops, OT I guess ;^)

    But we actually used to joke about about "splashes" to the mouth ............. gross I know. Things like "that guy needs to cut down on the salt", or "damn that was some strong salsa"!

    Good lord the jokes about female hygiene products were endless, but we public employees did this at about 125% to 150% of minimum wage. Public employees still do these things every day!

    And, if the GOP has there way, they'll soon being doing it w/o the protections workers have fought for over the past century. Yes, I said "century"!