Rep Gabby Giffords Could Face Primary Challenge


Talk about making yourself a pariah. What the hell is this guy thinking?

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) could face a primary challenge if she decides to run for reelection, according to CNN.

"Elementary special education teacher Anthony Prowell is running for the seat as a Democrat in Arizona's 8th congressional district, a surprising move against a popular incumbent who's recovering from a gunshot wound to the head... Prowell said he got the cold shoulder when contacting leaders of the local and state Democratic parties about a potential run."

  • Anonymous

    What a hugely insulting person..! I would expect it from a republican, but not from your own party.! This fool does not have a clue.....and deserves no respect. This move tells me he is not very do such a foolish thing......unbelievable, actually.

  • You do not kick somebody when they are down, I understand you can't help someone else's situation but honestly there is a such thing as bad timing and bad form. Unless Rep. Giffords has stated that she doesn't want to run for re-election I say sit down. No offense but she took a bullet for her party and her constituents you want to talk about being dedicated, that is dedication.

    And if he comes out with some Tea Party spiel about "party candidates" I say he definitely get kicked to the curb, if you are running for a Parties Nomination you are ALWAYS going to be the Parties candidate. Democrats don't have purity tests if we did there would be no blue dogs EVER. It's nice if you have some good ideas but sometimes it's a case of "is this too soon".

  • A cold shoulder sure as hell beats a bullet to head, Prowell. Try the GOP they will luv you over there.