FIVE people attend Christine O'Donnell book signing


This is a couple of days old, but since nearly all the news today is about Hurricane Irene, I thought I'd pop in with it.  Christine O'Donnell held a book signing in Naples, Florida.

Floridians didn't exactly come out in droves to meet Not a Witch. Maybe it was because she's them, so since she was there, they didn't need to show up.

Via News-Press:

... O’Donnell took the turnout of five people — members of the media outnumbered customers — at Barnes & Noble in stride.

Five people. Ouch. That must be why she spent so much time talking to the guy in the video... what else did she have to do? And hey, that way she could kill more time in hopes that a few more would show up.

Did they say five? Make that four; one of those who did attend wasn't even there for her book:

O’Donnell, a Christian, then politely turned down a request from a young man who asked her to sign his book on demonology instead of a copy of her book.

Christine might want to stick to her day job... whatever that is.

H/t: @HnstyNgov

  • Spendoc

    Where all the pages already colored in?

  • Spendoc

    Where all the pages already colored in?

  • Liz Laventure

    Ding, Dong, the Witch is dead. (politically at least).

  • Stashdavid

    Corpbob.....that is a brilliant Idea...if she come to Pittsburgh, I'll slide the dust jacket over a witchcraft book of similar size.....make a few bucks!!!!

  • Corpbob

    A Christine O’Donnell signed book on demonology would gone for real $$$ on Ebay.   Poor Guy...

  • Reben

    Ouch. Years ago, when I had a small publishing company, we would get a better turnout for our book of short stories by unknown authors. I feel for her (but am boo-hah'ing for the country!).

  • Anonymous

    Too funny. You made my day!!!!!

  • dra

    Wow.  When I publish my novel, I can tell Barnes and Noble that I grew up in south Florida and that I can guarantee more people will show at my book signing.  At least six that I know of, anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Just one question....what's wrong with those four people who did show up for her book signing??? ( If you read a little further into the article, one of those original "five" was not there for CO!)

    Schadenfreude! 🙂

  • Cesarsides206

    The fact that both the "right" and "left" and their media mouthpieces are so inflamed/infatuated with this woman, the fact that they direct so much venom at a female who by their own vitriolic account is of "little consequence" is a clear sign to me.  She scares "powerful" people on both sides of the isle.  I think she must be doing something right to have so many losers attacking her.  Either way, it's funny to watch the same people who accuse each other of sexism regarding other/their own candidates and personalities display their naked sexism and mysoginy.  Not in a  "funny ha-ha" manner, but in a "same thing that can make you laugh can make you cry" manner.

  • Gtown48

    On the bright side:  If 10 people attend the next signing, that is a 100% increase for CO to gloat about.

  • HA HA!

  • Anonymous

    Five people attended  Christine "I'm not a witch" O'Donnell book signing. I can imagine what the book has to say.

    Chapter 1. I'm not a witch.

    Chapter 2. Liburals are evil!

    The end. 

  • Motherunit420

    Yes, the security guard makes it even funnier.

  • Tyroanee

    I have never been to a book signing of a nobody that had a armed officer in arms reach... Paranoid much Christine, if you can pray away the gay, why can't you pray away a bullet, fist or some words you have no answers for?

  • "FIVE people attend Christine O’Donnell book signing"

    Which is probably four more than actually bought it . . .

  • Motherunit420

    Got my dose of schadenfreude for the day.

  • HarborGuy

    ...what an idiot.

    Oh...and the people would actually spend 1 penny on this dumpster-material book...are even bigger idiots.