FIVE people attend Christine O'Donnell book signing


This is a couple of days old, but since nearly all the news today is about Hurricane Irene, I thought I'd pop in with it.  Christine O'Donnell held a book signing in Naples, Florida.

Floridians didn't exactly come out in droves to meet Not a Witch. Maybe it was because she's them, so since she was there, they didn't need to show up.

Via News-Press:

... O’Donnell took the turnout of five people — members of the media outnumbered customers — at Barnes & Noble in stride.

Five people. Ouch. That must be why she spent so much time talking to the guy in the video... what else did she have to do? And hey, that way she could kill more time in hopes that a few more would show up.

Did they say five? Make that four; one of those who did attend wasn't even there for her book:

O’Donnell, a Christian, then politely turned down a request from a young man who asked her to sign his book on demonology instead of a copy of her book.

Christine might want to stick to her day job... whatever that is.

H/t: @HnstyNgov