Facebook "parody" page posts racist photos of the Obamas


Lately I've been bombarded on Twitter by all kinds of trolls. They're usually illiterate, stupid, uninformed, and of course, bigoted and/or racist. I play what I call "Whack a Troll" with them for awhile to expose their idiocy before I block them. That way they've been exposed, a lot of people become aware of them and block, and they are often suspended and/or humiliated into obscurity.

Then again, most of them wouldn't know humility if they tripped over it, let alone know how to spell it.

Today my dear pal @Gr8RDH linked me over to a nasty Facebook page that we both felt needed exposure in order to get as many people over there to report it as possible. They claim to be a "parody" site.

I don't know about you, but I'm not laughing:

No "holes" barred? Illiterate: check!

For those who question why I continue to post about these cretins, I've had a lot of success in getting them suspended, blocked, deleted, you name it. The Secret Service actually called to thank me for reporting the very first Facebook monstrosity that I posted, and was very supportive. I haven't had to do this in awhile, but this page was too egregious to ignore.