Mitt Romney to Quadruple Size of Vacation Home


What a frackin' idiot. Oh, the meme, the meme... Via Taegan-

In a case of very odd political timing, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that Mitt Romney has submitted plans to nearly quadruple the size of his California oceanfront home from 3,009 squart feet to 11,062 square feet.

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  • He's adding rooms for future wives.

  • Grow up? You just said, "didn't use mob connections to grow his home like Obama" and you want US to grow up?

    By the way, Reagan was my governor, and he was as bad at that as he was at governing from the WH.

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    He's a private businessman, who worked hard for his wealth and earned it, and later served his state as Governor.  He didn't use government connections to earn his wealth, didn't make his millions while as a Congressman like many Democrats, and didn't use mob connections to grow his home like Obama. Grow up and be adults, all of you.

  • Kevinhamel55

    Not to mention all those who will be needed to keep it up afterward. Then there will be the shrink caring for the fragile ego of anyone who "needs" such a place, as well as the marriage counselor attempting to heal the rift that inevitably accompanies major home renovation projects. He's clearly trying to live down his Bain Capital days...

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    He's a job creator! I wonder how many non-citizens will be working on that construction project?