Doonesbury: USA's 400 richest v. bottom 50%


Dear Garry Trudeau, I love a man with a big... brain. Love, Laffy:

  • No because they already have more than you do asking you to pay more so they don't have to is idiotic. Why is this so hard to understand, these 400 people have as much as 150 million people combined, why do they need a tax break? Ever since the first tax break happened things have been going in the tank. 

    By the way isn't the lie they tell as to why they need these tax breaks that supposedly they will give more to charity, only to then cry about people telling them how to spend their money? We all use the roads, we all use the power grids, it takes money to maintain those things it is easier to pay for it if we all pitch in instead of trying to force city by city and state by state to do it. Look at all the budget shortfalls in states with little to no tax revenue, it doesn't work. The government cannot operate without money, I don't care on what level. The rich have been allowed to get cookie after cookie from the cookie jar and have not bought or baked anymore it is time for the rest of us to be able to enjoy a few cookies too.

  • Anonymous

    So because someone earned or inherited more money than I did, I'm automatically entitled to their money just to make things "fair"? Great!