Rep Joe Walsh (Hey Chris) had license suspended twice in three years


This guy is a piece of work. His resume reads like my high school work history, not something an adult should be proud of.

Rep. Joe Walsh, elected to Congress last November, already has made quite a mark.

Telegenic and provocative, the Republican from McHenry has become a fixture on cable TV and on YouTube. He has called President Barack Obama a liar, scolded Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner for his economic policies, and declared himself to be the "tip of the spear" in the debate over the nation's debt ceiling.

His high profile has meant more scrutiny of Walsh, a freshman swept into office with tea party support.

Walsh recently found himself on the defensive amid claims by his ex-wife that he owes more than $117,000 in unpaid child support and interest. And now the Tribune, looking more deeply into his troubled driving record, has learned that he lost his driving privileges from mid-April to mid-July of this year because he let his high-risk car insurance lapse — the second time in three years his license was suspended.