Flashback: Facing 9.5 % Unemployment, Reagan Set Off On 25-Day Summer Vacation


Imagine that. Wonder how often this will be mentioned on Fox News?

The annual summertime ritual of conservatives attacking Obama for going on summer vacation is swinging into high gear, as the president and his family prepare for a trip to Martha’s Vineyard.

Partisans are insisting the president doesn’t deserve a break and that it sends an awful message to the nation for him to take ten days off.

Context, though, is sometimes helpful in terms of highlighting how silly the cries of protest from the far-right media really are. For instance, at the same juncture of his first term, Ronald Reagan, like Obama, was battling a bad economy. Unemployment stood at 9.5%. Reagan’s response his third August in office? He set off for a nearly month-long vacation.

Not only did Reagan go on a secluded, 25-day California retreat, but his top aides reportedly stopped relaying news events to him so as to not disturb the president’s sojourn.