Quickie- US companies continue to report strong earnings


Boy, I needed some good news today. Now they need to start hiring.

NEW YORK - U.S. stocks resumed their rally Wednesday after a series of earnings reports came in better than expected.

Target Corp., Staples Inc. and Dell Inc. all reported earnings for last quarter that were above analysts' forecasts. Companies in the Standard & Poor's 500 are on track to report higher profits for a ninth straight quarter. But economic growth is weak around the world, and some economists worry that a second recession may be coming. That could pull down future results.

Target and Staples both gave profit forecasts that were above Wall Street's expectations, but Dell cut its prediction for revenue growth this year.

  • HarborGuy

    but, but, but...according to the Limp Media, every company in the WORLD is losing money and going bankrupt!

    Well...that's what it sounds like.

    Will they report any good news? ...doubt it.

  • And the better they do, the worse the rest of us do lately.  And the more the up their prices.  I see Wells Fargo is now going to charge people to use their ATM cards, even though they raked in record profits in the last quarter?  When will these pigs ever have enough?

  • David G.

    Paddy, your comment about hoping they start hiring is actually the big point here... According to the Republican dogma and talking points, if businesses are doing well, they will hire and that's how the economy gets going.   That's why no taxes for corporations.  Well, sadly, I'm willing to bet there will be no jump in employment, at least because businesses are improving.  If there's a jump, which is still unlikely, it'll be because we start working on our countries infrastructure -- meaning government jobs to a great extent.  So I hope I'm wrong, but if I'm right, you won't see the weak democrats pointing out how this doesn't work and the Republicans touting O'bama's failure to create jobs.  DG