Video- Michael Steele accuses WHO of playing the victim?


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I just heard Michael Steele accuse Rev Al and Bob Schrum of "playing the victim" in their outrage over the crap Rick Perry has been spewing the past few days. Oh really?

Is this the same Michael Steele that has made very inconsistent claims over an incident where he had Oreo cookies thrown at him, an action that implies a slur?

The Michael Steele that wondered if the media was tough on his time as RNC chair by asking "Is it because Michael Steele is the chairman, or is it because a black man is chairman?"? (Ed note- Dear Michael, it's because you were incompetent.)

That's only a couple of the instances out there where he claims victim with varying realities, but I really think Mr Steele is protesting too loudly. Video when I get it. Video added, relevant part starts at 13:00.