Kansas wants federal funds to promote marriage, refuses AHCA cash


Brownback's team is also declining "to apply for some grants", including monies to help communities reduce rates of chronic diseases. But getting those single moms married up? Priority.

While turning down one federal handout last week, the administration of Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback was applying for a different one.

No, thanks: $31.5 million for implementing the new federal health care law.

Please remit: $6.6 million to promote marriage.

The Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services is seeking $2.2 million a year for three years to pay for counseling that encourages unwed parents to marry. Free marriage licenses would be given to those who do.

State officials portrayed the grant request as the state’s first major marriage initiative aimed at reducing child poverty.

In giving up the $31 million, the governor said that every state should prepare for less federal cash, given that so many questions are swirling about government spending.

  • KansasDem

    Beyond the money, how's that "small government" thing play into this?

    Apparently they'd not only try to force a woman to continue an unwanted pregnancy, perhaps as the result of sexual abuse, but also use taxpayer $$$$ to convince the same "baby maker" to marry whoever the father might be!

    If that's not a WTF moment I don't know what is. How any woman could vote Republican is beyond me!!!!!!!!

  • Whelp if this is them putting their money where their mouth is, we have to respect it, I just feel sorry for the people of Kansas I'm sure they could have used that Health care reform money, especially all those POOR CHILDREN who would have had to be covered under the new health care law.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, Kansas, get a 'star' to start the program - how about the lunatic, quitter 1/2 term gov.' of Alaska's daughter?  Seems to be fine with her 'family values' parents, but if you enticed her with a few hundred thousand dollars, and paid her 'family value' parents, too, bet they'd participate.  Wouldn't hurt to ask.