VIDEO- Marcus Bachmann: "I have never called the homosexual community barbarians & that’s a myth... I do not use reparative therapy."


Somebody's in denial (in more ways than one), somebody named Marcus Bachmann. In typical Republican form, he flat out contradicts his own words and those who work for him. It won't work, not this time. When will these RWNJs finally learn that cameras and audio recordings are preserved, aired, and replayed. These newfangled contraptions perform modern miracles when they capture words and actions, like, you know, magic!

At the Iowa State Fair, Mr. Michele Bachmann tries everything he can to fend off questions about his "pray the gay away" clinic and more. And once again, he was, ahem, re. cor. ded.

Via Think Progress:

Marcus Bachmann: The word barbarian was never, ever…there is a myth out there that I don’t accept the homosexual community… I have never called the homosexual community barbarians and that’s a myth…I have never rejected…people can decide for themselves what they want and who they are, that I don’t have a problem with.

Iowa State University Professor Warren Blumenfeld: But your mode of therapy is trying to convert them …trying to make people what they’re not. You’re trying to convert them to this dominant heterosexual…

Marcus Bachmann: That’s absolutely not true. I do not use reparative therapy. None of our clinic therapists do. What we do is we counsel, we talk to them about whatever what they want to talk about. There is not a [inaudible] there is not a motivation to use anything close that comes to reparative therapy.

Sorry, Marcus, but you can't pray this away.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B, a first hand account titled, “I Received ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy at Marcus Bachmann’s Clinic“:

I mentioned Marcus Bachmann’s by then well-publicized remarks calling gays “barbarians” who “need to be educated.” “Am I a barbarian?” I said through tears. Rather than contradict his boss’ words, Wiertzema opted to doubt the authenticity of the recording I had heard: “It sounds like… something that someone just did. It doesn’t sound accurate.”

Exhibit C: