VIDEO: Bill Clinton mocks "good lookin’ rascal" Rick Perry


Via Gawker:

Meanwhile, the inevitable "it" — the way campaign trail reporters will come to think of themselves as close friends of Rick Perry, a Texas Cowboy with whom "you" would like to have a beer — is well underway. According to Ben Smith, reporters following Perry at the Iowa State Fair today were charmed as he questioned whether they were "tough" enough to follow him around. So badass is their new friend that he wouldn't even say whether he was carrying a gun or not. Whispers of "manly" were overheard within the pack.

Someone hand me the Petpo, because I'm gonna be sick. Really, people? You're falling for GW Perry? Seriously?

  • No. Mike.  Keep beating the drum.  I'll join you.   As I just posted, hopefully the moderator will approve it, it is time for Obama to bark back.  It also time for him to turn the message around  on these clowns.  Get angry Pres. Obama. 

  • Mike

    I hate to continue to beat this drum, but Obama has made it possible for this guy to have a serious opening.  We really need to press Obama and the Dems to SERIOUSLY pivot to calling out Republicans (not Congress) and proposing a real plan for economic stimulus.  Whatever he proposes is going to be torpedoed by Republicans, so why not go big for the politics?  Otherwise, I'm going to be chronically ill having to listen to  Bachmann, Romney or (barf) Perry.

  • HarborGuy


    He's the RushThug, GOBPer, T.HaterBagger, ConJobServaTurd that the media has been drooling for!

    ...full of sleaze, skeez, slime and hate...the media, Stoopid Cowboy types and Breathless Pearl Clutching women, are out of their minds over him, with panting excitement.

    This creep is a problem.