VIDEO: Mitt Romney gets shouted down by angry crowd, says "Corporations are people, my friend."


Think Progress has two great videos up, plus more details. Willard M. Romney, if you think this is bad, you ain't seen nothin' yet:

Welcome to Citizens United States of America.

Romney has good reason to favor tax breaks for corporations over maintaining the current Medicare and Social Security retirement age — corporate America is doing a whole lot more to line his pockets than America’s seniors ever will.

  • As much as republicans quote polls you would think they would read a few. If all you did was ask your rich friends would they like to pay higher taxes I am sure you got a pretty high rate of no, but that isn't the majority of the American people and if those are the only people you cater to then you aren't going to win much.

    The Paul Ryan Debacle is not going to go away any time soon, even holding the American people hostage over the debt crisis still put the spotlight right back on the republicans. Because ONLY the Tea Party refused to be reasonable and demand all cuts to social programs or else we would default. V for Vendetta is a great movie, but you cannot be Guy Fawkes and WORK in the parliamentary house, it's really not a good look. You got elected(or are travelling around spending corporate bucks MITT) and you thought you had a mandate from the people, unfortunately you burned that mandate up with your first vote, Screw medicare and social security "No Screw You". Corporations are people, sure there are people working for corporations there are people who own corporations, but are they Americans and do they have Americas best interests at heart?

  • HarborGuy

    ...dirt bag. Can you tell I'm cranky today?!

    Jane Harman (not one of my favs...more DINO than Lib.) was on MSNBC this AM and said that the "middle" should get militant. I actually agreed with her...and that's a surprise.

  • "Corporations may be people; but I am not". - Your flip-floppin friend, Mitt. #p2