"Government spending is good, not bad, for the nation."


Today's next installment of L.A. Times letters to the editor, because our voices matter:

Stimulus spending

Re "Look backward, America," Column, Aug. 9

Three cheers for Hiltzik's call for a strong stimulus package from Washington.

Has anyone ever questioned the hated words "government spending"? Where do people think government spending goes? It goes to companies and organizations that create jobs by building roads, educating students and improving health. Even when spending goes to individuals in need, these are the first people to spend the money on goods and services.

Government spending is good, not bad, for the nation.

Martin A. Brower

Corona del Mar


The right wing has managed to demonize the word "stimulus." It has taken on the taboo of the "L" word — liberal — and even, heaven forbid, taxes.

To save our country, perhaps our hapless, helpless leaders should adopt a term — for example, the Contractor and Employer Rescue Act, the Keep Consumers Spending Law or … the Works Progress Administration.

No good, I suppose, because it contains the words progress and administration.

Suzanne Schechter