What the Joe Heck? Woman wearing Sierra Club tee shirt kicked out of NV town hall meeting


What the Heck? This is all too reminiscent of the bad old Bush days. Please read the entire post over at DKos:

"[M]an of the people" Joe Heck took part in an oil industry funded event that turned away working people looking for answers. And not only that, but the organizers even kicked out someone who RSVPed simply because she wore a Sierra Club t-shirt. (And worse, she wasn't even taking in a sign or being confrontational at all!)

So our Congressman is cozying up to Big Oil today at a fancy resort in his first week back in Southern Nevada and lets his Big Oil friends keep the "pesky public" out of a supposedly "public event".

Kinda makes one wonder what Heck has against the First Amendment. Maybe he isn't as into the Constitution as his fellow tea baggers. We already know he thinks Social Security is a "pyramid scheme", so he does have legitimate tea cruds creds, but he apparently wasn't paying attention when Michele Bachmann held her House Constitution classes. His bad.

Now let's imagine what would happen if a Democratic Congress member, or even the president, kicked someone out of a town hall or other event for wearing a Koch brothers tee, or maybe an adorable little BP tank top. We'd all hear about that 24/7, right? Have any of you heard a peep about this? The only reason I knew about it is that a friend emailed me with a link to the post.

On the lighter side, I found the following to be rather amusing. Look at all the other upcoming "public" events Heck has listed on his site:

I guess he's bored with kicking out attendees.