VIDEO: President Obama Talks About Markets and Downgrade on Black Tea Monday


Via @suburubu:

The phrase "Black Tea Monday" courtesy of @Marnus3. U.S. credit has been downgraded, the Dow has plummeted and the President has spoken:

H/t: @ReasonVsFear

  • KansasDem

    Well to this question, "Where does the left have to go", my answer is easy. Hillary!

    But before jumping all over my ass, I did support Obama over HRC ;^)

    While I get PO'ed at Obama from time to time I totally recognize what's at stake if we lose the White House to the GOP!

    My question is totally honest, I want a Dem to be sworn in as POTUS in 2013 ........ whatever it takes!

  • Anonymous

    He can be re-elected. He would beat any challenger in a primary. The long and short of it is we don't have many who are universally well liked as he is. Where does the left have to go. We are not pleased with all of his policies, and it would be scary if we did. He got don't ask, don't tell repealed, he got the health care bill done, he got the bill that discriminates against women in the work place. He got the stimulus bill through. He saved the auto industry. He is moving forward with energy policies. Yeah, the rethugs are giving him a heard time. But, like Rocky, he will win the day, alugh battered and bruised.

  • KansasDem

    This is Obama at his best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, can we get him reelected? Or is it best to shoot for a primary challenge?

    The economy is bad and the GOP (including the tea-baggers) would rather plunge us into another actual depression than see him reelected, so is it possible to get him reelected?

    Can Obama still garner support from the far left?

    Can Obama garner support from the elderly after offering to increase the Medicare eligibility age?

    I could ask a dozen similar questions, and I am far left, but I truly believe we MUST have a Dem POTUS sworn in in 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really mean MUST!

    Consider the possibility of future SCOTUS nominees alone! No Dem POTUS means we lose in so many ways it should scare the shit out of everyone that actually cares about the nations future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!