Timothy Geithner to stay at Treasury


Via Politico:

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will stay at his post through the fall and President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, the Treasury Department announced Sunday.

Via Paul Krugman:

You won’t be surprised to hear that I am very much in sympathy with Drew Westen’s lament about Obama’s unwillingness or inability to change the narrative. I went back to look at my own reactions to the inaugural speech; I’m sorry to say that my misgivings at the time have proved all too justified.

The one thing I might say is that we shouldn’t really wonder what happened to Obama — he is who he always was. If you paid attention to what he actually said during the primary and the election, he was always a very conventional centrist. Progressives who flocked to his campaign basically deluded themselves, mistaking style for substance. I got huge flack for saying that at the time, but it was true, and events have borne it out.

Via me:

I've been saying the same thing as Krugman just pointed out since 2007.  That said, I was a huge supporter once President Obama won the primary. I will vote for him, because the alternative is unthinkable, but I never once thought he was anyone or anything different than the president many are complaining about today. Well, except for that "look forward, not backwards" thing.

He's a good man with whom I disagree often, and also greatly appreciate in a number of ways. But there was never a doubt in my mind that he was and is a centrist.

  • In fact Audacity of Hope is the long & detailed version of the red state blue state speech he gave at the 2004 convention.  here is an excerpt that I love:

    No blinding insights emerged from these months of
    conversation. If anything, what struck me was just how modest people's hopes
    were, and how much of what they believed seemed to hold constant across race,
    region, religion, and class. Most of them thought that anybody willing to work
    should be able to find a job that paid a living wage. They figured that people
    shouldn't have to file for bankruptcy because they got sick. They believed that
    every child should have a genuinely good education–that it shouldn't just be a
    bunch of talk–and that those same children should be able to go to college even
    if their parents weren't rich. They wanted to be safe, from criminals and from
    terrorists; they wanted clean air, clean water, and time with their kids. And
    when they got old, they wanted to be able to retire with some dignity and

    That was about it. It wasn't much. And although they
    understood that how they did in life depended mostly on their own
    efforts–although they didn't expect government to solve all their problems, and
    certainly didn't like seeing their tax dollars wasted–they figured that
    government should help.

  • he's exacty who he said he was. i strongly  supported him from before he even decided to run.  I read  Audacity of Hope - in 2006 and he was my Senator I was emailing him asking him to run.   Now I've always liked Hillary too but this guy - if you've not read Audacity please do its available on audio read by him.   

    I cannot remember a politician who more completely spelled out his positions and has kept more closely to being exactly who he claimed to be.  In fact the very reason I like him so much are probably the exact reasons so many lefties don't.  I love his pragmatism & creative open mindedness that says - what can do with the "available options" I have politically now.   He is ALL about getting things done.  Maybe not perfect but better than it was for average folks like me.  Thats what I LOVE about this guy!!! & dang it he's doing it too!!!

  • KansasDem

    I think he should stay.

    I can't think of anything he's done wrong. He's been quite honest and he displays the proper degree of "calm" when things get ugly!

    Who could do better?

  • Anonymous

    give the fact that the rethugs will now refuse to confirm 0bama's appointment of anyone to any office, i'm not sure which would be more destructive: more timmeh at the treasury or an empty office.

  • Anonymous

    I will set my hair on fire just b/c I "Hate" that black man that I will vote for again!