Black Tea Monday


Bloomberg as of 5:07 PDT:

Stock Futures

DJIA INDEX 11,176.00 -226.00   19:50
S&P 500 1,173.80 -24.00   19:49
NASDAQ 100 2,148.00 -39.00   19:49
FTSE 100 5,230.00 -158.00   08/05
DAX 6,257.50 -159.50   08/05
NIKKEI 225 9,360.00 80.00   14:00

Earlier the Dow was down 300. Tomorrow should be a fun day, huh? Or as my pal @Marnus3 called it, Black Tea Monday.

  • KansasDem

    We don't have to be "screwed"! ATM I'm not sure what the best way is to ensure we have a Dem POTUS again from 2013 forward, but I honestly think a lot of Americans have been scared shitless by the so-called tea-party.

    I think a Dem House and Senate are quite possible. I'm struggling though with Obama .............. beyond my anger at moments I honestly don't know if he stands a chance so maybe a primary would be good ........... but I just don't know!

  • paule

    they are ALL in this together. we are screwed.

  • HarborGuy

    And only a year ago it was jobs, jobs, jobs.

    Then, suddenly (changed the topic!) it became the debt limit.

    Wow...the Turds and Thugs changed the tune, the media join right along and then the crooks at the mysterious "S & P" did their dirty work.

    SO...I want names, positions and backgrounds of the Theives at "S & P". Unbelieveable that no one, other than the White House, seems to be seriously questioning this company.

  • KansasDem

    Time to abandon tea altogether and go for some really good cowboy coffee!

    I love true cowboy coffee ................... boiled or percolated ................ screw this shit where the water only goes through the grounds once!

    If you can never get the cup clean it was damn good coffee!

    All joking aside I was seriously put off today by all of the newsy-news shows. Dems blaming the tea-party, Rethugs defending the tea-party, etc, etc!

    There never was an effing tea-party! It was just another re-branding of the far-far RIGHT!

    Sometimes I think I'll vomit if I hear the term "tea-party" again! It never existed!